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Royal Marines to conduct cold weather training in Norway

The Royal Marines of 1 Assault Group Royal Marines (1AGRM), specialists in amphibious warfare, will soon conduct their Arctic cold weather training in Norway, near Hellarbogen. 539 Assault Squadron Royal Marines and their raiding and landing craft are readying themselves for war games in the icy waters of the high north.

Royal Marines to conduct cold weather training in Norway 539 Assault Squadron Royal Marines (Picture source : Royal Navy)

An advanced party of the Plymouth-based Green Berets (the Corps’ specialists in amphibious warfare based at RM Tamar in Devonport Naval Base) have arrived in Hellarbogen, Norway, and are now conducting their Arctic cold weather training before the main body of the squadron arrives shortly.

About 16 craft have arrived in the high north (six Offshore Raiding Craft, eight Inshore Raiding Craft and two Landing Craft Vehicle Personnel) having been loaded up in the UK and transported by Sealift Ro-Ro, MV Hurst Point, to the frozen north. These vehicles give 539 ASRM the capacity to quickly deliver a company into the heart of combat, in every environment.

Marines are scheduled to operate all around the world, in plenty of various environments. Therefore, they have to conduct training in lots of weather conditions, to be operational when wartime arises. “As the UK’s riverine warfare specialists, 539 Assault Squadron Royal Marines (ASRM) has to perform in every environment in which the Royal Marines may be called to operate,” said Major Matt Baylis, Officer Commanding 539 ASRM.

Besides, lots of powerful countries were lately to secure paths through the Arctic (as it is increasingly melting). Among them, we can mention Russia, China or even the US. Therefore, such cold weather training appears to be even more appropriate for each country eying to remain a powerful nation and wishing to be ready for any massive amphibious conflict.