Roselectronika designs new generation of warship antennas

Roselectronika Holding of Rostec completed the design of new-generation receiver-transmitter antennas for surface warships and coastal communication hubs. The sky-wave antennas improve communications and decrease the impact of electric features of the Earth, rough sea and terrain relief, Rostec said.

Roselectronika designs new generation of warship antennas 925 001A new generation of warship antennas (Picture source: Russian Internet)

They transmit the signal by the ionosphere. The sky-wave emission is reflected by the upper layer of the atmosphere at a low angle and covers an area of 800 km in radius. The equipment can be used to provide jam-resistant radio communications, as changes in operational frequencies do not demand to reset the interface. Broadband equipment increases signal reception and transmission sustainability.

"We continue to develop a line of modern communication systems. We create new antennas and feeders to increase the quality and range of signal transmission and reception. The accumulated experience is used to design new naval communications for blue and green-water warships," Rostec Executive Director Oleg Yevtushenko said.

The new-generation antennas have lower requirements to the underlying surface. It makes the equipment universal. It can be used on superstructures made of composite materials rather than metal.

The antennas were designed by Omsk Instrument-Manufacturing Institute of Roselectronika.

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