US and French Navies send warships to Finland amid Ukraine crisis

According to information published by the Finnish Navy on May 27, 2022, two more US and one French warship will arrive in Helsinki for naval visits. The visits were hosted by Commander Jussi Jämsén, Commander of the 7th Surface Combat Squadron of the Coastal Fleet.
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Russian Vyborg Shipyard laid the Purga ice class coastguard ship of project 23550 925 001 The Arleigh Burke-class destroyer USS Gravely and the assault troop carrier USS Gunston Hall (Picture source: Finnish MoD)

The US ships are the missile destroyer USS Gravely and the assault troop carrier USS Gunston Hall, which will visit Helsinki on 27-30 May, while the French frigate Latouche-Tréville will visit on the same days.

All ships will dock in the port of Hernesaar, where the German frigate FGS Sachsen arrived earlier. These will be three separate naval visits. The US ships exercised last week in the northern Baltic Sea with ships of the US Coast Guard and the German ship early this week in the Gulf of Finland.

About frigate Latouch-Tréville

Latouche-Tréville is an F70-type anti-submarine destroyer of the French Navy (Marine Nationale), she was launched on Mars 19, 1988, and was commissioned on July 16, 1990.

The Georges Leygues class (Type C70 AS or Type F70 AS) is a class of anti-submarine destroyers of the French Navy. They are multi-role ships due to their Exocet and Crotale missile armament, making them especially suitable for the defense of strategic positions, show of force operations, or as high seas escorts.

The design was initially officially known as a "corvette" with the designation C70 but was internationally labeled an "anti-submarine destroyer" (hence the "D" in the hull numbers). Subsequently, the French referred to the ships as "frigates" with the designation F70.

The superstructures were built to optimize resistance to the blast from nuclear explosions. The last three ships of the class had their bridges raised one deck to overcome problems experienced by the first four in bad weather, as well as being equipped with DSBV 61 passive linear towed array sonar and several other upgraded systems.

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