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A Record 41 Vessels From All Over the World Expected to Attend LIMA 2017

LIMA 2017 Online Show Daily - Maritime Display
A Record 41 Vessels From All Over the World Expected to Attend LIMA 2017
LIMA 2017, the Langkawi International Maritime and Aerospace Exhibition, held 21 - 25 March 2017 in Langkawi, Malaysia will feature a record number of vessels from all over the world. The 2017 show has the biggest and most impressive display of naval vessels to date with over 40 ships set to participate.
The maritime display at sunset during LIMA 2015 File image: The maritime display at sunset during LIMA 2015

Royal Malaysian Navy (RMN):
- KD Sri Indera Sakti - multi-role support ship
- KD Katsuri - Kasturi-class corvette
- KD Lekir - Kasturi-class corvette
- KD Jebat - Lekiu-class frigate
- KD Tun Razak - Scorpene-class SSK
KD Selangor - Kedah-class offshore patrol vessels
- KD Laksamana Hang Nadim - Laksamana-class corvette
- KD Laksamana Tun Abdul Jamil - Laksamana-class corvette
- KLD Tunas Samudera - Sail training ship
- KD Perantau - Hydrographic vessel
- KD Mutiara - Hydrographic vessel
- Gagah Samudera - Training ship
- KD Gempita - Handalan-class fast attack craft missile
- KD Perdana - La Combattante IIa-class / Perdana-class fast attack craft missile
- KD Mahamiru - Mahamiru-class mine counter measure vessel
- KD Kinabalu - Mahamiru-class mine counter measure vessel
- MV Mega Bakti - Submarine rescue ship

Malaysian Maritime Enforcement Agency (MMEA)
- KM Marlin - Training vessel
- KM Pekan - Offshore patrol vessel (formerly JCG Erimo (PL 02))
- KM Bagan Datuk -
- KM Perwira - former Bay-class patrol boat from Australia
- KM Sugut - patrol vessel

Marine Department Malaysia
- KMV Pedoman
- OSR Vessel

Marine Operations Force
- PT2 patrol vessel

University of Malaysia Terengganu
- RV Discovery

Fisheries Department Malaysia

HMAS Launceston Royal Australian Navy
File image:
HMAS Launceston. Picture: Royal Australian Navy

Royal Australian Navy:
HMAS Launceston (ACPB 94) - Armidale-class patrol boat

INS Kora corvette Indian Navy
File image: INS Kora. Picture: Indian Navy

Indian Navy:
INS Kora - Kora Class corvette

KRI Banjarmasin Indonesia TNI AL
File image:
KRI Banjarmasin. Picture: PT PAL

Indonesian Navy (TNI AL):
KRI Banjarmasin - Makassar-class landing platform dock (LPD)
KRI Halasan - KCR 60-class Sampari-class fast missile craft

FREMM Carabiniere

Italian Navy (Marina Militare):
Carabiniere - Bergamini-class / FREMM ASW Frigate

Teruzuki 19DD Akizuki class destroyer JMSDF
File image:
Teruzuki Destroyer. Picture: JMSDF

Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force (JMSDF):
Teruzuki - "19DD" Akizuki-class destroyer

PNS Saif Pakistan Navy
File image:
PNS Saif

Pakistan Navy:
PNS Saif - F-22P Zulfiquar-class frigate
PNS Nasr - Type 905 replenishment tanker

BRP RAMON ALCARAZ Philippine navy
File image:
BRP Ramon Alcaraz. Picture: Philippine Navy

Philippine Navy:
BRP Ramon Alcaraz - Gregorio del Pilar class frigate

SLNS Sayura Picture Sri Lankan Navy
File image:
SLNS Sayura . Picture: Sri Lankan Navy

Sri Lanka Navy:
SLNS Sayura - Sri Lanka Navy’s Flagship Offshore Patrol Vessel (OPV)

thailand chonburi class HTMS Phuket File image: HTMS Phuket

Royal Thai Navy (RTN):
HTMS Phuket - MV400 Class / Chonburi-class fast attack craft

USS Coronado LCS 4
File image:
USS Coronado. Picture: US Navy

United States Navy (US Navy):
USS Coronado (LCS-4) - Independence-class littoral combat ship

Dinh Tien Hoang Vietnam File image: Dinh Tien Hoan

Vietnamese Navy (Vietnam People's Navy):
Dinh Tien Hoang - Gepard-class frigate (Gepard 3.9 type)