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Euronaval Online 2020: Naval Group presents its defense products and services on an virtual booth

Euronaval 2020 Online: Naval Group participates to the 2020 online edition of Euronaval. Naval Group Euronaval booth has been transferred at Naval Group’s site in Ollioules. Visitors will be able to discover the different workshops thanks to the experts who are ready to present the products, services, expertise as well as the latest customer-centric innovations. Experts will present in Ollioules all the different products, services, and expertise that Naval Group offers to its customers worldwide.

SAAB exhibits products and solutions for maritime defense IMDEX 2019 925 001French company Naval Group to present its full range of naval products on a virtual booth during Euronaval Online 2020. (Picture source Naval Group)

Belharra is the new combat ship for naval supremacy and crisis management designed for navies looking for a compact frigate able to perform a large range of missions stand-alone or within a task force either. Belharra features high-level capabilities in anti-air, anti-surface, antisubmarine and asymmetric warfare domains, taking into account French Navy operational legacy acquired in a wartime situation. As the first digital frigate, Belharra integrates the latest generation systems around naval digital distributed cloud architecture, natively cyber secured and compatible with the new Information Technologies developments and evolutions and provides sailors with adapted services. Different versions are available to embrace the specific needs of each navy.

Gowind is a military-engineered compact surface combatant equipped with a set of state-of-the-art, combat-proven anti-submarine, anti-surface and anti-aircraft systems to NATO standards. Gowind® takes the best of the latest technological advances developed and mastered by Naval Group for large frigates, in order to anticipate and meet future operational requirements. It integrates the latest generation of combat systems developed by Naval Group, SETIS®, the "Panoramic Sensors and Intelligence Module (PSIM)" - a combination of the integrated mast with its various sensors and the Operational Centre and associated technical premises - and the high level of integration, automation, and user-friendliness of the Naval Group systems.

Naval Group integrates all types of drones -air, surface and underwater- to increase the operational capabilities of an armed fleet. These innovative assets are crucial force multipliers provided that they are seamlessly integrated into the ships. Our innovative solutions encompass drones launch and recovery under any sea conditions, the management of multi-drones missions and the real-time broadcast of the information through CMS, which significantly develops the contribution of drones to naval forces.

Naval Group presents its defense products and services on an virtual booth Euronaval Online 2020 925 002
The first sea trials of Suffren Barracuda-class nuclear attack submarine for the French Navy was conducted in April 2020. (Picture source Naval Group)

The Barracuda family of submarines brings the unmatched oceanic potential to the market and offers uncompromised performance in acoustic discretion, special operations, stealth and striking power. The ship allows the navies to operate far from their homeport, freely and safely while gathering valuable information without being detected. Resulting in a long investment in acoustic superiority inherited from the French SSBN, its robust design makes it the best attack submarine.

The Scorpene submarine is capable of carrying out all types of missions, such as anti-surface vessel warfare, anti-submarine warfare, long-range strikes, special operations or intelligence gathering. It is extremely stealthy and fast and is equipped with a comprehensive range of weapons (torpedoes, missiles, mines). Over fourteen Scorpene submarines were sold by Naval Group internationally. Naval Group is capable of adapting it to very specifics operational and industrial requirements, creating long-term partnerships of trust with navies throughout the life of the submarine, covering the whole spectrum of development and industrial sovereignty of each country and a user club that joins them under common interests.

Through its services expertise, Naval Group conducts modernization and life extension programs in addition to the maintenance operations to maintain vessel performance over time in order to enable the fleet’s maximal operational availability. We have also developed a predictive maintenance solution that respects the constraints of cybersecurity and data sovereignty.