List of Western naval equipment for Ukraine amid Russian invasion

Three Western countries, the United States, Germany, and the Netherlands, already sent SeaFox AUV, 10 Autonomous Surface Vessels, and 10 Dauntless Sea Ark Patrol boats to Ukraine. The United States has yet to send Small United Riverine Craft, Defiant-class patrol vessels, USVs, and Armoured Riverine boats.
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Russian Vyborg Shipyard laid the Purga ice class coastguard ship of project 23550 925 001 Ukrainian naval drone found in Crimea. (Picture source: Rybar)

United States:  

- 2 Small unit riverine craft

The small unit riverine craft (SURC) is rigid-hull, armed, and armored patrol boat used by the U.S. Marines and U.S. Navy to maintain control of rivers and inland waterways.

The boats are built by Raytheon Naval & Maritime Integrated Systems, with a contract to build up to 100 boats. Raytheon's contract partners are SAFE Boats International of Bremerton, Washington, and Boat Master of Fort Myers, Florida.

It also has the capability to turn 180 degrees in less than three boat lengths and accelerate to 25 knots (46 km/h) in less than 15 seconds.

- Unmanned Coastal Defence Vessels

- 10 Dauntless Sea Ark Patrol Boats

The Dauntless is the fastest high-performance model. It features a deep V variable deadrise hull from Ray Hunt Design that is ideal for offshore operations.

- 6 Defiant-class patrol vessels

Designed to address the vulnerabilities of traditional patrol boats while expanding the mission role of the platform over its predecessor, the 40 Defiant delivers substantial increases in capabilities and firepower.

The 40 Defiant satisfies the visual-deterrent requirements of today’s naval forces with a futuristic design featuring a chiseled and menacing profile and unique faceted hull.

The 40 Defiant flaunts its capability and bristles with armament. As configured for the US Navy, the vessel features six MK 16 weapons foundations plus a large forward foundation for stabilized, remote-operated, optically guided MK 49 / MK 50 weapons systems.

- 40 Armoured Riverine Boats


- Seafox drone

The Seafox is an anti-mine remotely operated vehicle (ROV) manufactured by German company Atlas Elektronik to locate and destroy ground and moored mines. There are two versions and a training version.

The operational depth for the SeaFox C is between 0 meters and 300 meters. The SeaFox has a range of 1200 meters depending on acoustic and current conditions.

The propulsion system on the Seafox includes four horizontal propellers and one vertical thruster. The entire propulsion system is battery-powered. The maximum speed of the SeaFox is 6 knots.

The SeaFox can be controlled with a remote or can be set on automatic and it will use radar and sonar to locate mines and other obstacles that it is tasked with clearing.

The SeaFox has live CCTV feed and a high-intensity searchlight. the CCTV feed it ran through the fiber-optic cable that is about 3000 meters long. The SeaFox was launched off the boat or ship using a crane.

This crane is also how the SeaFox I was put back on the boat or ship. the warhead of the SeaFox is a fully shaped charge and has demonstrated effective against incendiary devices.


- 10 German Autonomous Surface Vessels