Video: MU90 Lightweight Torpedo

French company Naval Group opened the doors of its underwater weapon facility in Saint-Tropez so that Navy Recognition may bring you an exclusive video report on the latest technologies in terms of torpedoes, UUVs and anti-torpedo countermeasures. The site located on the French Riviera has been developing and producing underwater weapons and systems since 1912.

MU 90 lightweight torpedo Naval Group St Tropez The MU90 lighweight torpedo is fitted with a penetrating warhead (by Nexter Systems) capable of piercing through several layers of reinforced hulls.

Resulting from a Franco-Italian cooperation, MU90 is the latest generation light weight torpedo that can be deployed from any naval or air platform. The MU90 is able to counter any kind of conventional or nuclear submarine. Produced in more than 1000 units, the MU90 is arming the French, Italian, German, Danish Polish and Australian navies.

Designed and built with the most advanced technology, it is capable to counter any type of nuclear or conventional submarine even acoustically coated, deep diving, fast evasive, deploying anti-torpedo effectors or bottomed in littoral areas. The MU90 design offers a top speed of over 55 knots, sophisticated target tracking and state-of-the-art stealth.

MU90 lightweight torpedo

Sea proven with more than 250 trials, including warshot firings, and over 1,000 units produced, the MU90 guarantees full operational maturity and reliability. It is the déterrent weapon to protect your maritime approaches and your naval forces deployments.