MAST Asia 2017: Mitsui Unveils New LPD Amphibious Transport Dock Concept

MAST Asia 2017 Online Show Daily - Mitsui LPD
MAST Asia 2017: Mitsui Unveils New LPD Amphibious Transport Dock Concept
At MAST Asia 2017 (Maritime Air Systems & Technologies), the naval defense exhibition currently held in Tokyo, Japanese company Mitsui Engineering & Shipbuilding (MES) unveiled a new Landing Platform Dock (LPD) concept.
MAST Asia 2017: Mitsui Unveils New LPD Concept for JMSDFMitsui LPD
Mitsui's LPD is designed for large scale transportation of LCACs, MBTs, vehicles, cargo and equipment, with multi-mission features. MES drew on its experience from constructing and delivering "Osumi" and "Shimokita" LPDs to the JMSDF when designing the new LPD.

Company representative didn't want to provide specific details, but based on a MES brochure the LPD has a deck with two helicopter spots and a hangar large enough to receive two V-22 Osprey tilt-rotor aircraft and a small size VTOL UAV (similar in size to the MQ-8B Fire Scout).

The LPD is fitted with a well deck large enough to accommodate two LCACs. Vehicles can be stored on two decks. Total vehicle capacity is classified, however, based on an image in the brochure, up to 40 vehicles (including AAVs, MBTs and APCs) may fit on the lower deck. The image might be conceptual so this figure may not be an accurate data.
MAST Asia 2017: Mitsui Unveils New LPD Concept for JMSDFLPD Operational Image. Image: MES

In terms of systems, (based on the brochure) Mitsui's LPD is fitted with a Phalanx CIWS forward and a SeaRAM launcher on top of the helicopter hangar. There are two shafts and two rudders, as well as two bow thrusters. The hull form also features two retractable fin stabilizers.

The Japanese LPD concept measures 210 meters in length, 30 meters in width and 7 meters in draft for a displacement of 16,000 tons and a speed of 22 knots. The maximum complement of the vessel is 200 people (including troops). For comparison, the US Navy's San Antonio-class LPD displaces over 25,000 tons eventough it is roughly the same size (208 meters in length and 32 meters in width).

According to Mistui, the main missions of the LPD include island defense as well as humanitarian assistance / disaster relief.

The Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force (JMSDF) is reportedly looking to boost its amphibious capabilities in order to protect its Southern Islands.

MES also unveiled a new MLP and a new LHD design at MAST Asia.