DIMDEX 2018 Video: Indian Navy Destroyer INS Kolkata

One of the most important visiting vessel at DIMDEX 2018, the Doha International Maritime Defence Exhibition & Conference, was the Indian Navy destroyer INS Kolkata. Navy Recognition had the chance to get aboard and produce a short video overview of one of the most potent surface combatant in the Indian Navy fleet.

DIMDEX 2018 Video Qatar Emiri Naval Forces 2022 Achieving Vision Indian Navy Destroyer INS Kolkata at DIMDEX 2018

The Government of India has deputed Indian Naval Ship (INS) Kolkata to visit Hamad Port, Qatar during DIMDEX 2018. INS Kolkata is the lead ship of the three Kolkata Class destroyers and is one of the largest indigenously built destroyers to be operated by the Indian Navy. The Kolkata Class ships have been conceived and designed by the Indian Navy’s Directorate of Naval Design and built by Mazagon Dockyard Shipyard Limited, Mumbai.

The vessel has an overall length of 164 meters, displaces about 7500 tons and is capable of achieving a speed in excess of 30 knots.

The ship derives her name from the cultural capital city of India and state capital of Bengal – Kolkata- 'The City of Joy'. The crest of the ship depicts the 'Howrah Bridge' in the background and a leaping 'Bengal Tiger' in the foreground, both symbolic of the city of Kolkata, riding above blue and white ocean waves. The crew of the ship abides by the Sanskrit motto on the crest “Yudhay Sarvasannadh” which means “Always Prepared for Battle”.

Video: Indian Navy Destroyer INS Kolkata at DIMDEX 2018

INS Kolkata incorporates new design concepts for stealth and has many firsts to her credit, including a very large indigenous combat component. The ship is packed with the most sophisticated state-of-the-art weapons and sensors including the vertically launched Long Range Surface to Air Missiles (LRSAM) coupled with the MF-STAR multi-function active phased array radar, which is fitted for the first time on an Indian Navalship. She is equipped with advanced supersonic and long range BrahMos Surface to Surface Missiles – a joint Indo-Russian venture. The 76 mm Super Rapid Gun Mount (SRGM) and AK 630 CIWS, both manufactured indigenously, can take on air andsurface targets. The entire anti-submarine weapon and sensor suite fitted onboard, consisting of Indigenous Rocket Launchers (IRL), Indigenous Twin-tubeTorpedo Launchers (ITTL) and a bow-mounted New Generation HUMSA Sonar are a fine example of our indigenous efforts in the field of underwater warfare. The sensor suite includes other advanced surface and air surveillance radars and anindigenous Electronic Warfare system. A state-of-the-art Combat Management System (CMS-15A) has been integrated with the onboard weapons and sensors. The ship is equipped to operate two Seaking or Chetak helicopters.

The ship is commanded by Captain Susheel Menon, who is a Gunnery specialist and has a complement of 30 officers and 330 sailors. The ship is based in Mumbai as part of the Western Fleet, under the administrative and operational control of the Western Naval Command.

DIMDEX 2018 Video Indian Navy Destroyer INS Kolkata 2 Captain Susheel Menon, Commanding Officer of INS Kolkata (right) welcomed Xavier Vavasseur, Editor in Chief of Navy Recognition (left) aboard his vessel during DIMDEX 2018.