October 2017 News - Naval Forces, Defense Industry, Navy Technology, Maritime Security

Russia builds Naval Base in Kaspiisk for its Caspian Flotilla
Project 11661K Gepard-class Dagestan frigate launching Kalibr-NK in early October 2015
The Russian Defense Ministry began the construction of a naval base in the Caspian Sea. It will accommodate all warships with guided missiles of the flotilla and ensure their rapid deployment for high-precision weapons strikes. After the construction is completed the facility will be more advanced than those available in the North, the Baltic and Black Seas. Experts said the new base will be an important element of the Russian military-political strategy in the Caspian region and the Middle East, the Izvestia daily reported.

Australia's SEA5000 ASW Frigates to be Fitted with AEGIS Combat System and CEA Radar
SEA5000 Fincantieri PACIFIC 2017
The Australian Governement announced a multi-billion dollar investment today at the PACIFIC 2017 exhibition, to equip the future SEA5000 Frigate of the Royal Australian Navy with what it called "the world’s best technology". Under the plan, the combat management system for Australia’s fleet of nine Future Frigates will be provided by the Aegis Combat Management System, together with an Australian tactical interface, which will be developed by SAAB Australia.

LACROIX Announces the acquisition of Wallop‘s Naval Activities
Lacroix Sylena PACIFIC
At PACIFIC 2017, the International Maritime Exhibition currently held in Sydney Australia, leading defense pyrotechnics company Lacroix formally announce its acquisition of Wallop Defence Systems Limited (Esterline Group) naval business assets. LACROIX is therefore extending the promotion of the SYLENA system to offer enhanced self-protection capabilities through the replacement of existing or scheduled BARRICADE and SUPERBARRICADE systems.

Submarine-Launched Variant of China's YJ-18 Supersonic Anti-Ship Missile Emerges
YJ 18 submarine launched antiship missile 1
Pictures have emerged in China of a new submarine-launched variant of the YJ-18 supersonic anti-ship missile. The pictures show two slides from a presentation given by a retired People's Liberation Army Navy (PLAN or Chinese Navy) Rear Admiral at a Univertisty in August.

Metal Shark Wins U.S. Navy PB(X) Patrol Boat Contract
Metal Shark 40 PBX US Navy
Louisiana-based shipbuilderMetal Shark has been awarded the contract to produce the U.S. Navy’s next-generation patrol boat, the PB(X). This award is the culmination of a multi-year process by the Navy to select the replacement for the fleet of force protection boats currently in use with Navy Expeditionary Combad Command’s Coastal Riverine Forces (CRF). Subject to annual appropriations, the Navy intends to replace approximately 100 to 160 of its existing 25-foot and 34-foot CRF patrol boats with the larger and more modern PB(X) platform over the next fifteen years.

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