Russian Navy Nanuchka-class Corvettes Receive New BAGIRA MR-123-02/3 Fire Control System

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Russian Navy Nanuchka-class Corvettes Receive New BAGIRA MR-123-02/3 Fire Control System
Russia`s Project 12341 Ovod-class (NATO: Nanuchka-class) small missile ships (corvettes) have received the unique Bagira artillery fire control system (FCS) that allows engagement of ground, surface and even aerial targets in a matter of seconds by day and night in all weather conditions. The Bagira detects targets, recognizes them via radars and an optical-electronic system and destroys an object by operator command in automatic mode. The system adjusts firing before each shot, considering several dozen of various parameters, according to the Izvestia newspaper.
Russian Navy Project 12341 small missile ship Rassvet 1Russian Navy Project 12341 small missile ship Rassvet.
According to the experts, the Project 12341 corvettes are among the Russian Navy`s most dangerous for enemy ships. They can conduct sudden missile strikes and move away, while the Bagira will substantially shore up their capabilities. The Main headquarters of the Russian Navy informed the Izvestia newspaper that the corvettes of the Pacific and Baltic fleets had received the Bagira systems. The FCS will also be integrated with the onboard equipment of the boats of the Northern and Black Sea fleets at an early date.

According to the newspaper, the corvettes of the Pacific fleet tested the new FCS for the first time during drills near the Kamchatka Peninsula this summer. The crews of a fleet`s brigade successfully destroyed both ground and surface targets.

The Project 12341 corvettes feature a displacement of over 700 t and a length of less than 60 m. They are armed with the P-120 Malakhit anti-ship missiles, an AK-176 76 mm naval gun and an AK-630M 30 mm system. The AK-176 has a firing rate of up to 130 rounds per minute and a firing range of nearly 15 km.
MR 123 02 3 Bagira Fire Control SystemMR-123-02 3 "Bagira" Multipurpose Naval Artillery Fire Control System(right front view) on board Russian Navy destroyer Admiral Tributs(BPK-564) at JMSDF Maizuru Naval Base January 21, 2016. Picture by Hunini.
The Bagira is a sophisticated system. Multifunctional radars and an optical-electronic system are integrated with superstructures of a ship. They detect targets, recognize them and track the center of round impact. A special system analyzes speed and routing of a target and a ship, weather conditions and other factors. Then, the Bagira takes control over artillery systems. Once a target has been destroyed, the FCS stops firing.

"These ships can conduct a strike and move away rapidly. Previously, they were intended to engage ships and vessels; however, they have been turned into multirole assets. The Ovod-class [boats] fitted with the Bagira can engage ground objects and small surface target easily. Therefore, they [the ships] can be used to support naval landings, to conduct raids and to engage unmanned aerial vehicles," Dmitry Boltenkov, an expert, told the Izvestia newspaper. He reminded that the Navy had put large efforts to integrate the Bagira system with its ships.

Russia`s Navy operates several Project 12341 corvettes issued to the service`s fleets, the Izvestia newspaper points out.

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