SAAB Chooses KONGSBERG Naval Sonars for Mid-Life Upgrade of Gävle-class Corvettes

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SAAB Chooses KONGSBERG Naval Sonars for Mid-Life Upgrade of Gävle-class Corvettes
Kongsberg Maritime has been selected to deliver ST2400 VDS (Varial Depth Sonar) systems for Anti-Submarine Warfare applications (ASW) to the Royal Swedish Navy as part of SAAB’s upgrade program for the Göteborg-Class Corvettes fleet. The main purpose of the ST2400 VDS is to detect submarines, mines and Unmanned Underwater Vehicles in Littoral waters. The ST2400 VDS upgrade will strengthen the Göteborg-Class Corvettes Anti-Submarine capability operating in the Baltics.
KONGSBERG Naval Sonars for Mid Life UpgradeThe ST2400 VDS is a Varial Depth Sonar for Anti-Submarine Warfare applications. Kongsberg picture.
The shipyard in Karlskrona delivered four corvettes of the Göteborg-class between 1990 and 1993. By the end of the 1990s, two of them were upgraded, HMS Gävle and HMS Sundsvall, and this gave rise to the Gävle-class.

The ST2400 VDS is a medium-frequency sonar designed with an emphasis on improving performance and operation in shallow waters. It features a compact design, weighing under 3 tonnes and can be rapidly deployed for high speed manoeuvring in addition to full stop (dipping mode). Key features of the ST2400 VDS include omni and sector transmission, electronic map overlay, sound propagation model, advanced tracking and detection, as well as a built-in simulator for training. The system overcomes traditional towed array sonar issues with ambiguity, buoyancy and omni coverage.
HMS Gavle Sweden SaabThe Gävle-class is a class of corvettes in the Swedish Navy, built between 1986 and 1993. The class is armed with eight RBS-15 anti-ship missiles, torpedoes, one 57mm cannon and one 40mm cannon. Six corvettes were planned, but only four were built and just two remain in service. Swedish Navy picture.
Kongsberg Maritime Subsea Naval, Director of Sales, Thomas Hostvedt Dahle said: “We are pleased to strengthen our position within Littoral ASW and especially in the Baltics and in Sweden. The Royal Swedish Navy has seen the ST2400 VDS in action on our test vessel in Horten (Norway) and experienced its capabilities already operated by the Finnish Navy in Baltic exercises. The ST2400 VDS is unique as it’s a compact package with coverage and performance that can overcome challenging acoustic environments while not limiting a ship’s manoeuvrability.”

Kongsberg Maritime has developed and manufactured Naval sonars for anti-submarine warfare and mine hunting based on its portfolio of technology for subsea applications in offshore, seismic and merchant marine for more than 30 years. These Military-Off-The-Shelf Naval products take advantage of the rapid development and comparatively low-cost production of commercial products and adapting them to naval application and user requirements.