GenDyn wins $64.8M contract to outfit British Navy Dreadnought subs

General Dynamics has been contracted for work on the second of seven Dreadnought-class submarines for Britain. The Dreadnought-class, seen in an artist's rendering, is set to replace Britain's Vanguard-class of nuclear submarines.

GenDyn nabs 64.8M contract to outfit British Dreadnought subs 925 001 Future U.K Dreadnaught Class SSNN Submarine (Picture source: U.K. MoD)

General Dynamics Mission Systems has been awarded a $64,838,526 cost-plus-incentive-fee contract for the Strategic Weapon System Fire Control Subsystem hardware, associated deliverables, and spares for production efforts supporting the second hull of the United Kingdom (U.K.) Dreadnought Class ballistic missile submarines, nuclear, recently named as HMS Valiant, and the U.K. Software Facility.
Work will be performed in Pittsfield, Massachusetts, and is expected to be completed Aug. 22, 2025.

United Kingdom funds in the amount of $7,570,000 will be obligated on this award, none of which will expire at the end of the current fiscal year. This contract is being awarded on a sole-source basis to General Dynamics Mission Systems in accordance with 10 U.S. Code 2304 (c)(4) and was previously synopsized on the Federal Business Opportunity website.

At 152.9m (501ft) long, the new boats will be three metres longer than their V-boat predecessors but displace 1,300 more tonnes. Dreadnought will also be fitted with a new lighting system which can imitate night and day – making it easier for the crew to get used to normal life after three months submerged. They will also be the first British submarines with separate quarters for the female crew.

The U.S. Strategic Systems Programs, Washington, District of Columbia, is the contracting activity.