OCTOBER 2019 news

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The fifth and final new River Class patrol ship for the Royal British Navy was formally named as work on HMS Spey nears completion on October 3, 2019. The ceremony almost closes the chapter on a seven-year program which will give the Royal Navy a flotilla of brand-new patrol ships ready for deployment around the globe.

The Argentine Coast Guard has reintroduced its fourth Mantilla-class offshore patrol vessel (OPV) into active service after undergoing maintenance and modernization work at the country's Tandanor Shipyards. The vessel's renewal was marked by a formal ceremony held in late September in Buenos Aires.

When they need to deliver the military and cargoes to hard-of-access areas, they usually engage helicopters, all-terrain vehicles, supply ships and even dog sledges. However, ground-effect vehicles will become a priority in some cases in the near future. The Army Standard online publication examined the prospects of the new transportation vehicle.

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