Royal Malaysian Navy first KD Keris LMS 111 Undergoes Sea Trials

Keris on the sea trial. RMN’s first of class LMS, PCU Keris, is currently undergoing sea trials, according to a China-based naval observer Loongnaval. He posted a picture on Twitter of Keris undergoing sea trial though it was not dated nor the location of the sea trials.

Royal Malaysian Navy first KD Keris LMS 111 Undergoes Sea Trials 925 001 Malaysian Navy first LMS 111 Keris sea trial,it built by China Wuchang Shipyard (Picture source: the Twitter account of LoongNaval)

From the high-resolution picture, we can surmise only the 30mm forward gun has been installed. The ship appears to be fitted with a surface search radar and two navigation radars. It appears also that there is no electro-optical device fitted on top of the bridge though this might not be fitted yet.

As reported previously it is likely that the equipment is sourced China manufacturers, though it is unclear their actual type and designations.

At the stern, the RHIB launchers look installed though no vessel appeared fitted. A small satellite receiver dome is also fitted behind the bridge. The ship looked very much like the CGI provided by previously.

As the Royal Malaysian Navy had already said the Keris and Sundang are expected to be delivered before the end of 2019, it is likely both ships are already undergoing sea trials.

Keris, as you are aware, was launched last April while Sundang just this July. Both are expected to be based at the Kota Kinabalu naval base.

The Wuchang shipyard is also building two more LMS after the government ordered a review of the original contract. Two of the LMS were supposed to be built by Boustead Naval Shipyard.

Anyhow it appears that the keel laying of the fifth LMS will not take place anytime this year. In its Bursa announcement on Jun. 30, 2019, Boustead Heavy Industries Corporation stated that the keel laying for the fifth LCS will be conducted in the fourth quarter of the year (October to December period). However, checks with industry sources revealed that no date has been fixed for the ceremony this year. The keel of the fourth LCS was conducted in October, last year.