Indonesian Navy launches Klewang-class fast attack craft KRI Golok 688

According to information published by the Indonesian Navy (TNI AL) on August 21, 2021, Klewang-class fast attack craft KRI Golok was launched by PT Lundin Industry Invest.
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Russian Vyborg Shipyard laid the Purga ice class coastguard ship of project 23550 925 001 KRI Golok-388 Trimaran (Picture source: Twitter account of Jatosint)

KRI Golok-688 Trimaran has a length of 62.53 meters, a width of 16 meters, a draft of 18.7 meters, a weight of 53.1 tons. A maximum speed of 28 knots and a cruising speed of 16 knots.

Klewang-class fast attack craft is the futuristic design and stealth wave-piercing trimaran carbon fast attack craft made by PT Lundin Industry Invest. The class is also armed with Type 730 CIWS and four C-705 surface-to-surface missiles and she is capable of carrying 25 crew members.

Type 730 is a Chinese seven-barrelled 30 mm Gatling gun CIWS. It has a PLA Navy designation H/PJ12. It is mounted in an enclosed automatic turret and directed by radar, and electro-optical tracking systems. The maximum rate of fire is 5800 rd/m, and the effective range is up to 3 km.

North Sea Boats is an international boat building company specialized in building craft for military, law enforcement, SAR, commercial, and high-performance applications. The company has a presence in Sweden, Singapore, and Indonesia, with its headquarters located at Banyuwangi, East Java, Indonesia. North Sea Boats was founded in 2003 by John and Lizza Lundin as a trading name for PT Lundin Industry Invest.