NAVAL NEWS December 2021

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The Russian Navy is planned to receive the Project 955A Borei-A class and Project 885M Yasen-M class nuclear-powered submarines Knyaz Oleg and Novosibirsk by the end of this year, Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu said: “In December, the first serial nuclear-powered submarines Knyaz Oleg [NATO reporting name: Dolgorukiy-class] and Novosibirsk [Severodvinsk-class] are planned to be delivered,” the defense minister said at a conference call.

Construction of the first of twelve new mine countermeasures vessels has really started at the Piriou shipyard in Concarneau, France. On Tuesday, November 30, the keel is laid in the presence of officials from the Belgian, Dutch and French navies. At the same time, the names of the new ships were revealed. The rMCM program is a binational project with the Netherlands under Belgian direction and carried out by the consortium Belgium Naval Robotics.

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