BIRD Aerosystems delivers ASIO solution to an African country

According to a press release published by BIRD Aerosystems on July 5, 2021, the ASIO Maritime Surveillance Task Force Solution provided includes multiple Maritime Patrol Aircraft installed with BIRD's advanced MSIS mission management system - which was also at the Naval HQ command and on a number of vessels.
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Russian Vyborg Shipyard laid the Purga ice class coastguard ship of project 23550 925 001 ASIO solution (Picture source: BIRD Aerosystems)

BIRD Aerosystems, a global provider of innovative defense technology and solutions that protect the air, sea and land fleets of governments and related agencies, has delivered a complete ASIO MaritimeTask Force Solution to an undisclosed African government.

The ASIO Maritime Task Force Solution provided includes multiple Cessna Citation CJ3 aircraft that the company converted into Maritime Patrol Aircraft, together with BIRD's advanced mission management system (MSIS) which was also installed on a number of vessels as well as at the naval HQ command.

BIRD Aerosystems' ASIO MaritimeTask Force Solution provides customers with an integrated Aerial-Naval-Land solution. It facilitates maritime and coastal surveillance, patrol and survey of borders and strategic assets, and Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) monitoring capabilities.

Leveraging BIRD's MSIS for complete mission operational support, including planning, execution, debriefing, online mission updates, and complete situational awareness between all segments (airborne, naval & ground) within the task forces, ASIO delivers an extremely powerful, comprehensive and flexible maritime patrol solution, enabling efficient detection, tracking and interception of any suspicious activity at sea.

BIRD's ASIO Maritime Task Force Solution will be used to defend the customer's territorial waters on detecting illegal fishing, oil theft, and smuggling.

ASIO (Airborne Surveillance, Intelligence and Observation) is a complete ISR system that provides commanders with real-time terrestrial and maritime information. Integrated with BIRD Aerosystems’ mission management system, ASIO can support multiple sensor configurations for a range of overwater missions.

Founded in 2001, privately-owned and based in Israel, BIRD develops and markets advanced airborne missile protection systems and airborne surveillance, information and observation solutions.

Solutions from BIRD are in wide scale, long-term use by some of the world’s largest commercial, governmental, military, and transnational organizations – including NATO forces, UN Air Operations, the US Government, Airbus and other major aircraft manufacturers, and many others.