Russia to complete Indian Talwar-class frigate Tushil in 2023

According to information published by Tass on November 18, 2022, Yantar Shipyard plans to complete the first batch 3 Talwar class (Project 11356) Tushil for India in 2023.
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Russian Vyborg Shipyard laid the Purga ice class coastguard ship of project 23550 925 001 Future Indian Talwar class frigate Tushil. (Picture source: BMPD)

The Tushil was floated in October 2021. The Tamala second frigate of project 11356 prepares for float.

Yantar was building six frigates of the project for the Black Sea fleet, which received the Admiral Grigorovich, the Admiral Essen, and the Admiral Makarov.

The construction stopped after Ukraine refused to sully engines for the frigates. Two frigates, the Tushil (former Admiral Butakov) and the Tamala (Admiral Istomin) are currently built for India.

Russia and India signed contracts in November 2018 for the delivery of four frigates of project 11356. Two frigates will be built by Yantar and another two by Goa Shipyard Limited.

The Talwar-class frigates or Project 11356 are a class of stealth-guided missile frigates designed and built by Russia for the Indian Navy. The Talwar-class guided missile frigates are the improved versions of the Krivak III-class (Project 1135) frigates used by the Russian Coast Guard. The design has been further developed as the Admiral Grigorovich-class frigate for the Russian Navy.

The frigates are designed to fight submarines and warships in brown and blue waters and repel air attacks both independently and within formations. They are armed with A-190 100mm artillery gun, antiaircraft missiles, including Kalibr and Shtil (BrahMos in India) and torpedo armaments.

The warship can carry a Ka-27 helicopter or its modifications. The displacement is 3620 tons, the length is 124.8 meters. The full speed is 30 knots and the cruising range is 4850 miles.