The Turkish Navy is a significant and modern naval force in the Eastern Mediterranean and Black Sea regions. It is part of the Turkish Armed Forces and has been undergoing significant modernization and expansion efforts in recent years. 
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Russian Vyborg Shipyard laid the Purga ice class coastguard ship of project 23550 925 001

Turkish Navy has approximately 48,000 active personnel, which includes naval officers, enlisted sailors, and civilian employees and consists of various naval assets, including frigates, corvettes, submarines, fast attack crafts, mine countermeasure vessels, and auxiliary ships. Additionally, it has a strong naval aviation component, which includes maritime patrol aircraft, helicopters, and UAVs.

Key assets in the Turkish Navy as of 2021 include:

- Frigates: Turkey operates a mix of G-class (Oliver Hazard Perry-class) and MEKO 200 class frigates. These frigates are equipped with advanced sensors, weapons systems, and anti-submarine warfare capabilities.

- Corvettes: Turkey has developed its own corvette, the Ada-class, which is designed for various missions, including surveillance, anti-submarine warfare, and surface warfare.

- Submarines: 

Nbr: 4 - Atilay (GER Type-209/1200) with 8 single 533mm TT with SST-4 HWT
Nbr: 4 - Gür (GER Type-209/1400) with 8 single 533mm TT with UGM-84 Harpoon AShM/Mk 24 Tigerfish mod 2 HWT/ SeaHake mod 4 (DM2A4) HWT
Nbr: 4 - Preveze (GER Type-209/1400) (MLU ongoing) with 8 single 533mm TT with UGM-84 Harpoon AShM/Mk 24 Tigerfish mod 2 HWT/SeaHake mod 4 (DM2A4) HWT

- Fast Attack Crafts: The Turkish Navy operates various fast attack crafts, including the Kılıç II and Yıldız classes. These boats are armed with anti-ship missiles and torpedoes, providing a credible deterrent against enemy surface ships.

- Mine Countermeasure Vessels: Turkey operates several mine countermeasure vessels, including the Aydın and Engin classes, to maintain safe navigation and protect key strategic areas.

- Auxiliary Ships: The Turkish Navy has a variety of support ships, such as replenishment vessels, rescue and salvage ships, and amphibious warfare vessels.

- Naval Aviation: The Turkish Navy's aviation component comprises maritime patrol aircraft, such as the CN-235 and ATR-72, helicopters like the S-70B Seahawk, and UAVs like the Anka and Bayraktar TB2.