DEFEA 2021: Israel Shipyards displays Reshef class vessel

At DEFEA 2021, which takes place from 13 to 15 July, the Israel Shipyards displays a model of the Reshef-class vessel. The Israeli company is one of the largest shipbuilding and repair facilities in the eastern Mediterranean.

SAAB exhibits products and solutions for maritime defense IMDEX 2019 925 001A model of Reshef-class vessel (Picture source: Navy Recognition)

The Reshef Class vessels, will be based on the ISL S-72 proven design.

The SAAR 72 is a multi-mission vessel using a modular design, in Corvette configuration, she can be used to conduct naval warfare missions. In OPV (Offshore Patrol Vessel), she can be armed with lighter weaponry.

The SAAR S-72 is a stealth multi-purpose corvette derived from the Saar 4.5 missile boats fully designed by Israeli Shipyards. The ship has a length of 72 meters and a displacement of 800 tons. She has an endurance of 21 days with a crew of 50 people including officers and sailors. It can also accommodate 20 passengers or commandos.

The SAAR 72 are powered by two shaft power plant consisting of two MTU 16V1163M94 V16 diesel engines with a capacity of 5920 kW. The ship can reach a maximum speed of about 30 knots and has a cruising range of 3,300 nm (5.500 km).

The vessels will significantly empower the Israeli Navy capabilities in the future combat field and will assist in protecting Israel’s Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) as well as the off shore oil & gas facilities within Israel’s territorial waters. All combat systems on board the new ship will be of Israel’s defense industry produce.

Israel Shipyards Ltd. is one of the largest privately-owned shipbuilding and repair facilities in the Eastern Mediterranean. Its main offerings cover SA'AR class missile corvettes, including SA’AR 4, SA’AR 4.5 and SA’AR S-72, Offshore Patrol Vessels (OPVs); Fast Patrol Craft, including SHALDAG MK II – MK V; commercial ships; tugboats and multipurpose boats.

In recent decades, the company has built and delivered a large number of these vessels, which are in active service with the Israeli Navy as well as in the Navies, Coast Guards and law enforcement authorities of countries around the world.