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Naval Forces & Industry news

Russia's Next Gen Destroyer Plans Facing Headwinds - Part 2

July 18, 2018 12:07
The Russian Navy confirmed plans to build a key warship for the future of its fleet - a guided missile destroyer. The creation of the green-water warship has been discussed for long, but the project was permanently postponed. Expert Alexander Shishkin…

Balt Military Expo 2018 Show Daily

Kongsberg's NSM to Replace German Navy Frigates' Harpoon Anti-Ship Missiles

July 09, 2018
At Balt Military Expo 2018, the naval defense exhibition held recently in Gdansk, Poland, Navy Recognition learned from a Kongsberg representative that the company's Naval Strike Missile (NSM) will replace the RGM-84 Harpoon anti-ship missile currently fitted…

Focus - Analysis - Photo report

Video: Hull Vane Retrofit Improves OPV’s performance

July 17, 2018
CMN Shipyard in Cherbourg, France, conducted sea trials on the 13th June 2018 on the OPV Thémis from the French Coastguard (Affaires Maritimes). The patrol vessel received a hydrodynamic upgrade at the shipyard by retrofitting the patented Hull Vane®, an…

Naval Forces Vessels & Equipment

CNIM L CAT Shore to Shore Landing Catamaran Craft top picture

L-CAT Shore-to-Shore Landing Catamaran Fast Landing Craft amphibious warfare reduced draft dock Ro/Ro Roll-on/roll-off Maneuver Support Vessel Light MSVL SSC Sea to Shore Connector for main battle tank MBT CNIM datasheet pictures photos video specificati

March 15, 2017
CNIM L-CAT Shore-to-Shore Landing Catamaran . The L-CAT® Shore-to-Shore, manufactured by CNIM, a French company, is a key enabler of stand-alone force projection on a regional scale and is suitable for a long-range amphibious, disaster relief and maritime…