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Service Life Extension of Project 667BDR & 667BDRM Submarines Makes No Sense - Rubin CEO

Naval Industry News - Russia
Service Life Extension of Project 667BDR & 667BDRM Submarines Makes No Sense - Rubin CEO
The extension of the Project 667BDR and Project 667BDRM submarines’ service life makes no sense as they do not meet future requirements, CEO of Russia’s Rubin Central Design Bureau for Marine Engineering Igor Vilnit said. Vilnit made this statement in an interview with Rambler News Service.
Project 667BDR Delta III SSBN Submarine k433 Svyatoy Georgiy Pobedonosets RussiaProject 667BDR SSBN "Svyatoy Georgiy Pobedonosets" (K-433). Russian Navy picture.
"Considering the potential service life extension, the ‘youngest’ submarines have been operational for almost 30 years. The stealth of these submarines does not always meet present-day requirements, let alone future ones. Thus, the extension of their service life is unreasonable," Vilnit said.

According to him, the Project 966 submarine fleet is adequate both to economic and national security situations.

"Can we continue to cut the number of strategic submarines without reducing the effectiveness of deterrence? Unlikely,"
the CEO said.

"Our country’s political situation and geographical position force our Northern and Pacific Fleets to operate strategic submarines. If their number continues to decrease, we may face an unpleasant situation - there will be no submarine at sea and the grouping’s combat effectiveness and, as a result, deterrence effectiveness will decline," he added.

The Project 667BDR nuclear-powered ballistic missile submarine is designed to destroy the enemy’s strategic facilities. It can also launch torpedoes to fight surface and underwater targets.

The Project 667BDRM nuclear-powered submarine is armed with 16 intercontinental ballistic missiles of various types, as well as four nose-based 533mm torpedo systems.

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