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Naval Technology

Naval frontline Su-24M bombers are being equipped with SVP-24 Gefest system which was tested by Russian aircraft in Syria. Su-24M of the 43rd naval air regiment in Crimea were the first to receive the system which allows unguided weapons to hit small targets. Experts believe the pilots will be able to interact with the Ground Forces, commandos and Airborne Forces, the Izvestia daily writes.

According to information released by the Russian Press Agency TASS on July 20, 2020, Russia’s Burevestnik scientific-and-research Institute (a subsidiary of Rostec’s concern Uralvagonzavod) has developed a marinized variant of the AU-220M 57 mm remotely operated weapon station (ROWS), Director General of Burevestnik Georgy Zakammenyh told TASS on July 20, 2020.

It has been recently reported that the Russian Defense Ministry began drafting the crew matrix for universal amphibious assault ships of project 23900. They are often called Russian Mistral. The construction of the landing ships is accompanied by the reform of marines. New units are formed in marine brigades and regiments and modern arms and hardware are supplied, the Independent Military Review writes.

According to pictures released by the China Defense Blog on June 20, 2020, the Chinese Navy has commissioned Z-20F also called Z-20J by other Chinese sources, a naval version of the Chinese-made Harbin Z-20 medium-lift utility helicopter produced by the Harbin Aircraft Industry Group (HAIG). A picture of the naval version of the Z-20 was unveiled on the Twitter account of Mike Yeo on October 14, 2019. 

The Kazan Yasen-M-class SSGN of project 885M is preparing for acceptance trials in autumn. It is the first serial fourth-generation submarine of upgraded project 885M. It will fire hypersonic Tsirkon missiles which the navymen are actively testing. Experts said acceptance trials are the most important stage of testing all equipment, mechanisms and arms. The submarine is ready for combat duty after the trials, the Izvestia daily writes.

L3Harris Technologies unveils its new man-portable Iver4 580 unmanned undersea vehicle (UUV). The new Iver4 580 is the second vehicle in the Iver4 family of next-generation UUVs to address a wide variety of customer missions, including survey; multi-domain intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance; anti-submarine warfare; seabed warfare and mine warfare.

Forty-six warships and submarines from all Russian fleets will participate in the Navy parade to be held on July 26 in St. Petersburg and Kronshtadt. They include the Orel nuclear submarine of project 949A, the Admiral Kasatonov frigate of project 22350, the Vice-Admiral Kulakov big antisubmarine ship of project 1155. An artillery ship of project 21630 will arrive from the Caspian Sea. It is still to be clarified whether the Gremyashchy latest corvette and the Yakov Balyaev minesweeper will participate.

On June 15, 2020, Thyssenkrupp Marine Systems has presented the results of a pioneering research project on the feasibility, usability, construction and operation of large modular underwater vehicles. The focus was on the MUM project "Modifiable Underwater Mothership", which is funded by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy and, designed in collaboration by industry and science since 2017, is intended to achieve market readiness in the upcoming years.

According to a Tweet released by the U.S. Naval Forces Europe-Africa/U.S. 6th Fleet on June 14, 2020, the crew of the Finnish Navy MHC Purunpää (41) Katanpää class mine counter-measure vessel has deployed remotely operated Double Eagle Mark II mine disposal vehicle to conduct mine identification task during NATO naval military exercise BALTic OPerationS (BALTOPS) 2020.

Type 075 LHD of Chinese Navy Technical review and analysis by the Navy Recognition editorial team. The Type 075 Landing Helicopter Dock LHD (NATO reporting name Yushen-class landing helicopter assault) is a class of Chinese amphibious assault ship under construction by the Hudong–Zhonghua Shipbuilding Company. Currently, China has already built two Type 075 ships.

The Marshal Shaposhnikov upgraded frigate of project 1155 will begin trials by the end of 2020. It is a former big antisubmarine ship with radically increased combat capabilities. The frigate is armed with subsonic Kalibr missiles and supersonic Onix. It is the lead ship in a series of upgraded big antisubmarine ships of project 1155, the Izvestia daily writes.

Technical review and analysis of Sikorsky MH-60R naval helicopter by Navy Recognition editorial team. The MH-60R Romeo also nicknamed Seahawk is a maritime helicopter using technologies of the SH-60B and SH-60F, a twin turboshaft engine, multi-mission helicopter based on the United States Army UH-60 Black Hawk and a member of the Sikorsky S-70 family. It is the most capable naval helicopter available today designed to operate from frigates, destroyers, cruisers and aircraft carriers.

According to news published by Northrop Grumman on May 21, 2020, the company has successfully manufactured and tested the first industry-built Very Lightweight Torpedo (VLWT) for the U.S. Navy. The prototype torpedo is based on the Pennsylvania State University Applied Research Laboratory’s (PSU-ARL) design that was distributed to defense industrial manufacturers in 2016.

The next generation ‘Pentamaran’ platform for naval autonomous applications designed and developed by the British company BMT. Offering a myriad of applications for defence and commercial innovators, these innovative vessels may be custom configured for military, patrol, intelligence surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR), anti-submarine warfare (ASW) and hydrographic survey work.

The Turkish defence industry offers high-technology and cost-efficient solutions in compliance with NATO standards to navies in the world, notably the Turkish Naval Forces, in need of various types of sea platforms. The industry has a vast product portfolio including not only warships, auxiliary ships, boats, submarines but also unmanned sea systems and gun turrets. In addition to main platforms, the Turkish defence industry is also a solution partner for weapons, ASW and subsystems. Hereunder, Navy Recognition editorial team focused on the weapons and turrets for naval platforms.

The Russian Navy trained a new tactic to fight submarines and defend its naval bases. A group of warships now includes several small antisubmarine ships and one latest corvette of project 22160. It can carry any set of hardware, including towed and stationary sonars and radars. Ka-27 helicopters will help the corvette to find submarines. Project 22160 ships will provide guidance to small antisubmarine ships which will engage torpedoes and depth bombs. Experts believe the new tactic will improve the defense of SSBN bases, the Izvestia daily writes.

Technical review by Navy Recognition editorial team about the new Chinese Navy Type 055 stealth guided missile destroyer Nanchang (101) launched in January 2020. This ship is designed to perform long-range air defense, anti-surface warfare (ASuW), anti-air warfare (AAW), anti-submarine warfare (ASW), electronic warfare (EW), land and maritime strike, escort, long-range patrol and surveillance missions.

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