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AAD 2018: China's CSOC Unveils 'JARI' Unmanned Surface Combatant - USV

September 23, 2018 10:09
During AAD 2018, the Africa Aerospace and Defence exhibition held this week in South Africa, Chinese company China Shipbuilding and Offshore International Company (CSOC) unveiled a new medium-size unmanned surface vessel called 'JARI'. CSOC is the export arm…

Euronaval 2018 Online Show Daily

Euronaval 2018: 34 Startups Selected for the SEAnnovation Space

July 19, 2018
The Euronaval 2018 exhbition is set to celebrate 50 years of naval innovation in Paris-Le Bourget from the 23rd to 26th October 2018, with a new 200-sqm area devoted to startups. Named SEAnnovation, this space has been designed and created in partnership with…

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Will Russian Navy Get LHDs with VTOL Aircraft ?

August 28, 2018
Denis Manturov, the head of the Russian Ministry for Trade and Industry, and the vice-premier Yuri Borisov have revealed the prospects for the Russian aircraft carriers. Two statements, made almost simultaneously, throw light on the future of aircraft…

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CNIM L CAT Shore to Shore Landing Catamaran Craft top picture

L-CAT Shore-to-Shore Landing Catamaran Fast Landing Craft amphibious warfare reduced draft dock Ro/Ro Roll-on/roll-off Maneuver Support Vessel Light MSVL SSC Sea to Shore Connector for main battle tank MBT CNIM datasheet pictures photos video specificati

March 15, 2017
CNIM L-CAT Shore-to-Shore Landing Catamaran . The L-CAT® Shore-to-Shore, manufactured by CNIM, a French company, is a key enabler of stand-alone force projection on a regional scale and is suitable for a long-range amphibious, disaster relief and maritime…