Thales' NS200 long range AESA surveillance radar makes world premiere at Euronaval 2016

EURONAVAL 2016 Online Show Daily - Press Release
Thales' NS200 long range AESA surveillance radar makes world premiere at Euronaval 2016
At Euronaval 2016, being held from 17-21 Oct. in Paris, Thales Nederland, a subsidiary of the french defense giant Thales, added a new member to its NS family of radars with the brand new NS200 long range AESA air & surface surveillance radar.
Thale NS200 long range AESA surveillance radar kes world premiere at Euronaval 2016 640 001Thales' new NS200 long range AESA surveillance radar unveiled at Euronaval 2016
NS200 brings advanced multi-mission capabilities to naval platforms up to destroyers with an unequalled 400 km range performance for this type of radar.

Thanks to its unique dual-axis multi-beam design, the AESA-based sensor system provides high quality weapon support while maintaining fully automated detection and tracking of all naval threats. Various navies have already expressed their interest in the NS200 radar.

NS200 is the larger version of the NS100, which is in full series production. In addition to more transmit and receive modules, NS200 uses newer and more powerful Gallium Nitride (GaN) technology. It answers to the need of a wide range of naval ships and missions, yielding logistics advantages across the fleet.

"NS200 is the newest member of our successful S-band radar family. Together with SMART-S Mk2, the smaller NS100 and the four-faced, non-rotating SM400, Thales is in the unique position to meet the S-band requirements for virtually any naval ship," explained Geert van der Molen, Surface radars and above water systems VP at Thales in the Netherlands.

NS200 is Thales’s first radar to be offered with a full lifecycle support programme for carefree operation. This programme covers training, status and obsolescence monitoring, scheduled maintenance and upgrades and smart spare kits. This will give users a better predictability of their yearly maintenance budgets, higher operational availability and functional upgrades throughout the product life-cycle.

The NS200 presented on the Thales booth is a real system, not a mock-up. It is the First-Of-Class system from the production line.

NS200 uses 2D digital beam forming at element level and dual-axis multi-beam to enable an optimal situational awareness, especially in littoral or otherwise complex operational environments.

Being highly modular and scalable, NS200 enables a tailor-made sensor for customer-specific requirements and operational profiles.

NS200 offers an instrumented range of 400 km with simultaneous high elevation coverage. The system can be delivered with integrated X-band surface surveillance radar and an IFF Interrogator.

Thales unveiling its new NS200 long-range AESA surveillance radar at Euronaval 2016