Strategic Robotic Systems unveils its FUSION underwater vehicle at Euronaval 2016

EURONAVAL 2016 Online Show Daily - Strategic Robotic Systems
Strategic Robotic Systems unveils its FUSION underwater vehicle at Euronaval 2016
Strategic Robotic Systems unveils the FUSION, an hybrid underwater vehicle at the Euronaval 2016 trade show in Paris, France the 17th-21st of October, 2016.
Fusion 001
The FUSION underwater vehicle (Photo Navy Recognition)
Strategic Robotic Systems is proud to unveil the FUSION underwater vehicle. A new approach from an experienced team that combines a number of system capabilities into a single system. The unique design is in response to global requests for future underwater systems.

The FUSION is a breakthrough in hybrid underwater vehicles. A vastly different approach that combines AUV, ROV and DIVER Navigation/ Propulsion into one system. The elegant advancement combines a suite of high end bespoke sensors, which produces an efficient, capable and robust design.

Autonomous Underwater Vehicle - Fully programmable autonomous vehicle capable of complex maneuvers and high quality sensor data Audition.

Remotely Operated Vehicle - High performance vectored thruster ROV with real time sensor feedback and full automation control system.

Diver Navigation & Propulsion - Comprehensive diver navigation and real time sensor data with on-board thruster propulsion.

The FUSION is a unique combination of underwater systems into a single platform. The approach creates a common operating platform for improved efficiency, reduced training, significantly lower capital expenditure and greater mission capability. One user interface for all modes, one vehicle for all missions and one company for all support.
Fusion 002The FUSION underwater vehicle in diver navigation mode (Photo Navy Recognition)