SIHAM3 combined Anti-Air and Anti-Surface Weapon System at IDEX 2017

NAVDEX 2017 Online News Coverage - SIHAM
SIHAM3 combined Anti-Air and Anti-Surface Weapon System at IDEX 2017
At IDEX 2017, the UAE company Siham Al Khaleej Technology (SAKT), together with Leonardo and MBDA are presenting an innovative and cost-effective weapon system designated “SIHAM3”, (meaning arrow in Arabic) providing a comprehensive and stand-alone anti-air and anti-surface capability to all types of warships.
Raytheon RAM Block II UAE Navy IDEX NAVDEX 2017 news pictureSIHAM3 Anti Air and Anti Surface weapon system at NAVDEX 2017
This industrial cooperation was officially announced during IDEX 2017 and a mock-up of the system is displayed at the SAKT booth, B-0004, at NAVDEX.

In particular, SAKT will be responsible for integration of the “SIHAM3” weapon system, which combines two Leonardo products: the OTO Marlin WS 30mm Naval Gun and the Medusa MK4/B Electro-Optical Fire Control System (EO-FCS) providing a stand-alone capability to detect and track with high accuracy either air or surface targets. The system is completed with an MBDA Twin Air Defence Mistral missile launcher on a single mounting.

This new system will be fully controlled by a single operator and will allow for a significant reduction in the ship’s installation requirement thanks to a single mounted system.

A further evolution of the SIHAM3 will allow integration with a Combat Management System (CMS).

This “Made in the UAE” system will be developed, produced, assembled and integrated by the three parties together.

Navy Recognition
learned during NAVDEX 2017 that a variant with 4x missiles was tested but found to be too heavy for the turret. We also learned that the UAE Navy submitted a RFQ for the upgrade of 10 exhisting marlin systems to the SIHAM3 variant (including the Abu Dhabi class ASW corvette, some MCM vessel and an inteligence gather vessel).