IMDEX 2019: PLA Navy Xiangtan frigate was at the Changi Naval Base

During IMDEX 2019 that was held in Singapore, one of the Army Recognition Editorial Teams has had the chance to go onboard the People's Liberation Army Navy (PLAN) Xiangtan frigate. This frigate, as 20 other warships coming from various countries, came to the Changi Naval Base, in Singapore, for IMDEX.

IMDEX 2019 PLA Navy Xiangtan frigate was at the Changi Naval BaseThe PLAN Xiangtan frigate was at the Changi Naval Base during IMDEX 2019, Singapore (Picture Source: Navy Recognition)

The vessel is 134m long, has a beam of about 16m and a draft of about 5m, along with a full displacement of 4,000 tonnes. It is propelled by four Shaanxi 16 PA6 STC diesel engines producing 5700 kW each, enabling it to reach speeds of 27+ knots and a range of 8,000 nautical miles.

This warship is equipped with a wide suite of sensors that includes the Type 382 3D Air/Surface Search Radar, the Type 360 I-Band Surface Search Radar, the Racal RM-1290 I-Band Navigation Radar, the Type 344 OTH Target Acquisition and SSM Fire Control Radar, four Type 345 SAM Fire Control Radars, the Type 347G Gun Fire Control Radar, and the MGK-335 medium frequency active/passive sonar system.

At the back of the ship is the helicopter deck on which one Kamov Ka-28 Helix helicopter can take-off or land. At the front deck of the vessel are positioned two 6-cell Type 87 240mm anti-submarine torpedo launchers, one 76 mm H/PJ26 naval gun capable of hitting targets either on the land, on the surface, or in the air, and 32-cell VLS capable of firing surface-to-air and anti-submarine warfare missiles.

The vessel is also armed with two 4-cell C-803 cruise missile launchers, two triple torpedo launchers able to fire Yu-7 medium/long range lightweight torpedoes, and some Type 1130 11-barrel 30mm Close-In Weapon Systems.