Russian Design Bureau to Develop Multirole Nuclear Servicing Vessel

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Russian Design Bureau to Develop Multirole Nuclear Servicing Vessel
Russia’s Iceberg Design Bureau has won a tender announced by the Russian Industry and Trade Ministry to work out a detail design of a multirole nuclear servicing vessel, the Flotprom online media organization reported.
Russia Launched the Second Project 22220 Nuclear Icebreaker Sibir 2Launch of Sibir, the second Project 22220 nuclear icebreaker in September 2017
The vessel will service Project 22220 icebreakers and the floating nuclear power plant Academician Lomonosov, the media organization added.

According to the tender documentation obtained by the media organization, the nuclear servicing vessel will be developed to provide maintenance for ships and floating facilities equipped with the RITM-200, KLT-40S and promising RITM-400 reactor systems.

In particular, the support vessel will be able to refuel, store and transport new and spent nuclear fuel.

There is an acute need for a new support vessel of the type as the nuclear servicing vessel Imandra used by Russia’s Rosatomflot Company for more than 35 years to provide maintenance for previous-generation shipborne water-cooled and water-moderated reactors cannot be upgraded to service new power plants.

The work on the detail design of the vessel will cost 490 million rubles ($8.6 million). The development work is expected to be completed by late 2018.

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