Project 945A Sierra II Class Submarine Pskov has Faulty Auxiliary Engine Replaced

The Project 945A B-336 Sierra II class nuclear-powered attack submarine (SSN) Pskov armed with missiles and torpedoes had its faulty auxiliary diesel engine replaced with a standby one, the Northern fleet told FlotProm online publication.

k 336 pskov project 945A Sierra class SSN submarineThe Project 945A B-336 Sierra II class nuclear-powered attack submarine (SSN) Pskov. Picture via

"The Pskov nuclear submarine is successfully fulfilling its missions within an underwater formation of the fleet. The faulty diesel engine was replaced by a stand-by one," fleet spokesman Vadim Serga said.

The M-580 diesel engine (factory number 9503-11) collapsed after repairs at Zvezda enterprise in St. Petersburg. It operated for 26 hours at Zvezda and another three hours at Nerpa shipyard which maintained the Pskov in 2011-2015. The engine collapsed after that with numerous faults.

At present the Zvezda and the Nerpa are establishing who of them is to blame for the three-year old breakdown. The collapsed M-580 diesel engine has not been repaired so far.

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About Project 945A
The Project 945A nuclear-powered submarine is designed to conduct operations against submarines and surface ships independently, launch cruise missiles to attack ground targets and provide antisubmarine defense for formations and convoys. The Project 945A submarine has been developed on the basis of the Project 945 Barracuda-class nuclear-powered submarine armed with missiles and torpedoes.

The Project 945A nuclear-powered submarine is the sole submarine in the world with a titanium hull, which reduces its radar signature considerably. The Project 945A nuclear-powered submarine has an underwater displacement of 8,500 tons, a length of 110 meters, a full underwater speed of 35 knots and an operational submersion depth of 500 meters. The Project 945A nuclear-powered submarine is armed with six 533mm torpedo-launching tubes with an ammunition load comprising 40 missiles and torpedoes. The submarine’s crew totals 61.