Navantia Selected for the Conceptual Phase of the US Navy FFG(X) Frigate Program

Spanish language press release translated to English by Navy Recognition
Navantia is the only naval company that currently competes in the 3 largest international frigate programs in the world. Navantia has been selected by the United States Government, together with its local partner the American shipyard General Dynamics Bath Iron Work, for the Conceptual Design phase of the FFG(X) frigate program.

Artist impressions from a poster (main image) and brochure (trop left) showing General Dynamics Bath Iron Works' FFG(X) design at SNA 2018. The frigate is based on Navantia's F100 Frigate design. (GD BIW images).

The objective of the FFG(X) program is the acquisition of 20 frigates with local construction in the USA. Navantia's parent design is that of the Australian Hobart-class AWD, derived from the F-100 class. Navantia and GD Bath Iron Works will adapt this design to the requirements of the U.S. Navy.

The Conceptual Design contract will have a duration of 16 months, at the end of which the bid for the selection of the 20 frigates constructor, scheduled for 2020, will be presented. The FFG(X) program will equip the United States Navy Fleet Command with adequate capacity to achieve the objectives of sea control and maritime security operations, in addition to allowing support for naval combat groups and other support operations to the fleet.

Export success of the frigate
The relationship between Navantia and GD Bath Iron Works goes back more than 40 years ago with the collaboration in the Santa María class frigates program of the Spanish Navy, in which this American company transmitted its technology to Navantia, then called Bazán. Other programs such as the AFCON corvette, the AWD program for the Australian Navy and the OPC patrol project for the US Coast Guard are joining this collaboration.

The experience of Navantia in the design of frigates with proven ability and its successful trajectory in the global export were key factors for the formation of the team with Bath Iron Works, one of the leading shipyards in the world in the construction of frigates and destroyers.

F-100 class "Alvaro de Bazán" and derivatives have a proven capacity, with 11 units currently operating - and another 2 that will soon be delivered - for three navies of the first order, the Spanish, Norwegian and Australian.

This pre-selection for the FFG(X) program, together with the Australian SEA5000 and Canada's Canadian Surface Combatant (CSC), makes Navantia the only naval company that currently competes in the three largest international programs of frigates that are being developed in the world: Australia, Canada and the USA.

The U.S. Navy down selected five ship designs to compete for the FFG(X) Frigate Program on February 16, 2018. To learn about the other designs, following this link.