Sea-Air-Space 2019: Raytheon gives details about the SPY-6 radar

Raytheon is exhibiting its advanced technologies and services at annual Sea-Air-Space Exhibition, the largest maritime exposition in the United States. There, Raytheon will give more details about U.S. Navy's next generation integrated air and missile defence radar, known as SPY-6.

Raytheon showcases its new air and missile defense at Sea Air Space 2019 (Picture Source: Raytheon)

The SPY-6 radar, currently in production, and on track for DDG-51 Flight II destroyer, will provide the Navy with protection against air, surface and ballistic missile threats. It provides greater range, increased accuracy and greater resistance to electronic clutter than previous radars. It also provides higher reliability and sustainability than currently deployed radars.

The radar is built with individual ‘building blocks’ called Radar Modular Assemblies. Each RMA is a self-contained radar in a 2’x2’x2’ box. These RMAs can stack together to form any size array to fit the mission requirements of any ship. This technology makes SPY-6 the Navy’s first truly scalable radar.