Russian National Guard has received first Project 21980 Grachonok-class counter-sabotage vessel

Russia’s Federal Service of National Guard Troops (Rosgvardiya) has received its first Project 21980 Grachonok-class counter-sabotage vessel, according to the Kalashnikov Group’s (a subsidiary of the state corporation Rostec) via Kalashnikov media website.

Russian National Guard has received first Project 21980 Grachonok class counter sabotage vessel 925 001 Kalashnikov Project 21980 Grachonok-class counter-sabotage vessel. (Picture source Kalashnikov Youtube)

"In early November, an acceptance act for a Grachonok special boat for the Rosgvardiya was signed. Prior to that signing, the naval platform had successfully passed through its factory sea trials and completed the state trials program with confirmation of the declared specifications," said the Kalashnikov.Media.

According to the website, the Grachonok-class boat is designed for counter-sabotage missions.

The Project 21980 Grachonok-class special boat is built by the Kalashnikov Group’s Vympel Shipyard. According to the Vympel, the export-oriented variant of the boat, Project 21980E (‘E’ for Export), has a displacement of 138.69 t and a drought of 1.86 m, and is 31.04 m long. Grachonok produces a speed of 38 knots. The boat is armed with a 14.5 mm heavy machinegun, a DP-65 grenade launcher, two DP-64 grenade launchers, and four Igla man-portable air defense systems. The Grachonok also carries the Kalmar (Squid) searching system.

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