US Navy exercises $126M option on Raytheon technologies air surveillance radar contract

Raytheon Technologies’ missiles and defense business has received a $125.9M contract modification to continue manufacturing Enterprise Air Surveillance Radars for the U.S. Navy’s amphibious ships, carriers and frigates.
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Navy Exercises 126M Option on Raytheon Technologies Air Surveillance Radar Contract 925 001 An artist’s rendering of the LHA-8 amphibious assault ship. (Picture source: Huntington Ingalls Industries)

The modification exercises options under a previously issued contract for low-rate initial production of Raytheon’s AN/SPY-6 air and missile defense radar, the Department of Defense said Friday.

LRIP work under the contract covers six EASR platforms, four SPY-6(V)2 rotating radar units and two SPY-6(V)3 fixed-faced radars.

SPY-6(V)2 radars will be installed onto the future USS Bougainville amphibious assault ship, the future USS Richard M. McCool Jr. and USS Harrisburg amphibious transport dock vessels and the USS John C. Stennis supercarrier.

The third version of the AN/SPY radar is intended for the USS John F. Kennedy aircraft carrier and the Navy’s first FFG(X) guided-missile frigate.

Naval Sea Systems Command will obligate $122.3M in fiscal 2017, 2018 and 2020 Navy shipbuilding and conversion funds at the time of award.

Raytheon’s SPY-6 family of radars is designed to help defend seven classes of Navy ships against ballistic missiles, cruise missiles, adversary aircraft and surface vessels.

The company tested the SPY-6(V)2 EASR with the Navy ahead of the radar's production phase in August 2019.