Russian Navy frigate fires Utes anti-ship missile during bilateral exercise in Black Sea

The crew of the frigate "Admiral Essen" successfully hit the "Progress" missile launched by the coastal complex "Utes" using the "Shtil" anti-aircraft missile system during the past bilateral exercise.
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Russian Navy frigate fires Utes anti ship missile during bilateral exercise in Black Sea 925 001 Russian Navy Admiral Essen Grigorovich Class-Frigate. (Picture source: Pinterest)

Air defense crews of the ship took the air target for escort and successfully hit it at a given distance and height.

The results of the firing, the flight trajectory of the Utyos target missile and its defeat by the ship's anti-aircraft missile system were recorded by unmanned aerial vehicles.

To ensure safety, the maritime range and the adjacent water area, where rocket firing was carried out, were closed to navigation.

Object-100 Utes (Utyos) or Sotka is a Russian Navy anti-ship missile coastal defense division built in Soviet times, using bunker TEL (similar to Nike Hercules SAM ABM) with a pair of SS-N-3 Shaddock P-35B 4K44B (same used operated on Redut complex) SS-N-3b Shaddock 3M44 Progress, can also launch different ones like P-6 P-35B S-35.

The Shtil-1 shipborne multi-channel medium-range air defence missile system (ADMS) is designed to provide all-round collective protection of naval groups and ship convoys, as well as individual protection of carrier ships from attacks of anti-ship missiles, aircraft, helicopters, boats and vessels.