Russian Navy Kamov Ka-27PS rescue helicopter practices take-off and deck landing exercise

Kamov Ka-27PS (NATO reporting name: Helix) helicopter of the Pacific Fleet’s air arm has practiced taking off from and landing on the deck of the Marshal Krylov missile range instrumentation ship in the Peter the Great Gulf, the Russian Defense Ministry’s press office said.
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Russian Navy Kamov Ka 27PS rescue helicopter practices take off and deck landing exercise 925 001 Kamov Ka-27PS rescue helicopter of the Russian navy. (Picture source Wikimedia)

“During the exercise, the pilots interacted with the crewmen to perform 10 takeoffs from and landings on the missile range instrumentation ship being on the move and adrift,” the press office said.

“The helicopter also trained refueling from the ship,” the press office added. During the flights, visual landing systems and communication equipment were tested and the readiness of damage control parties was checked.

The Kamov Ka-27 (NATO reporting name 'Helix') is a military helicopter developed for the Russian Navy. The Ka-27PS (Helix-D) is the search and rescue helicopter in the Ka-27 family, the ASW (Anti-Submarine Warfare) equipment are removed and a winch is fitted on the helicopter.

The Ka-27 helicopter was developed for ferrying and anti-submarine warfare. Design work began in 1969 and the first prototype flew in 1973. It was intended to replace the decade-old Kamov Ka-25, and is similar in appearance to its predecessor due to the requirements of fitting in the same hangar space. Like other Kamov military helicopters it has coaxial rotors, removing the need for a tail rotor.

The Marshal Krylov of project 19141 is the only ship of the class in the Russian Navy. It is assigned to the 114th brigade of the Pacific fleet. It is designed to promote tests of new space rockets, the orbiting of spacecraft, search, rescue and evacuation of crews and splashed vehicles, and to detect warships, submarines and aircraft and report the information.