Boeing continues to procure logistic support for P-8A Poseidon of Australia and UK

The Boeing Co., Seattle, Washington, is awarded a $27,770,370 modification (P00174) to previously awarded cost-plus-fixed-fee contract N00019-14-C-0067. This modification procures integrated logistics support for the Boeing P-8A Poseidon warfare aircraft for the Navy, the government of Australia, and the government of the United Kingdom.
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Boeing continues to procure logistic support for P 8A Poseidon of Australia and UK 925 001 British Air Force Boeing P-8A Poseidon long-range maritime patrol aircraft. (Picture source British MoD)

The P-8A is a proven long-range multi-mission maritime patrol aircraft capable of broad-area, maritime and littoral operations. A military derivative of the Boeing 737 Next-Generation airplane, the P-8 combines superior performance and reliability with an advanced mission system that ensures maximum interoperability in the battle space.

The P-8A is militarized with maritime weapons, a modern open mission system architecture and commercial-like support for affordability. The aircraft is modified to include a bomb bay and pylons for weapons. It has two weapons stations on each wing and can carry 129 sonobuoys. The aircraft is also fitted with an in-flight refueling system.

With more than 254,000 flight hours to date, the P-8A Poseidon and P-8I variants patrol the globe performing anti-submarine and anti-surface warfare; intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance; humanitarian; and search and rescue missions.

The Australian government first announced its intention to procure P-8A aircraft in February 2014 as a replacement for the RAAF’s 15 Lockheed AP-3C Orion maritime patrol aircraft. The Australian Air Force declared initial operating capability (IOC) for its first P-8A aircraft in March 2018. IOC for the first tranche of eight RAAG P-8A aircraft is scheduled to be achieved by 2020 with full operating capability (FOC) expected by 2021. Currently, 12 P-8A Poseidon are now in service with the Australian Air Force.

On 25 March 2016, the U.S. State Department approved a proposed Foreign Military Sale to the UK for up to nine P-8s and associated support at an estimated cost of $3.2 billion. On 11 July 2016, Boeing announced the signing of a $3.87 billion (£3 billion) contract for nine P-8s and support infrastructure; spread across three production lots over a ten-year period, deliveries shall commence in 2019. 

On November 2019, Boeing has delivered the first P-8A Poseidon to the British Royal Air Force. Boeing formally delivered the aircraft on Oct. 29, 2019 to the U.S. Navy during a ceremony at the Boeing Military Delivery Center in Tukwila, Wash. From Tukwila, the aircraft flew to the U.S. Navy’s Naval Air Station (JAX) in Jacksonville, Florida, where U.S. Navy leaders officially turn the aircraft over to the United Kingdom. At JAX, Royal Air Force crew will work with the aircraft before flying it to the United Kingdom in January 2020. All nine P-8A aircraft will be based at Lossiemouth, Scotland.