Mitsubishi Shipbuilding launches new multi-role response vessel for Philippine Coast Guard

According to pictures published by the Philippine Coast Guard Twitter account on July 26, 2021, Japanese company Mitsubishi Shipbuilding has launched a new 94-meter multi-role response vessel (MRRV) for the Coast Guard of the Philippines.
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Russian Vyborg Shipyard laid the Purga ice class coastguard ship of project 23550 925 001 New MRRV multi-role response vessel for Philippine Coast Guard. (Picture source Philippine Coast Guard Twitter account)

The multi-role response vessel (MRRV) is the first vessel of two that Mitsubishi will supply to the Philippine Coast Guard under a contract awarded in February 2020. The contract between the Philippines and Mitsubishi Shipbuilding Co. Ltd. for the design, construction, and delivery of the two 94-meter MRRVs amounting to JPY 14,550,000,000 (JPY 14.6 billion) was signed on 27 December 2019 and became effective on 08 May 2020.

The ship is designed based on a modified variant of the Kunigami-class patrol vessel in service with the Japan Coast Guard. The MRRV has a length of 94 meters, can reach a top speed of 24 knots (44.5 km/h), and has a range of over 4,000 nautical miles as well as the ability to operate under sea state six.

The MRRV will be used by the Philippine Coast Guard to conduct maritime law enforcement, search and rescue, and humanitarian and disaster relief missions.

The MMRV is not armed and will be only equipped with three water cannons with one at the bow of the ship and one on each side above the bridge. The ship will have a flight deck and one hangar to accommodate one helicopter.

The first MRRV is scheduled to be delivered to the Philippines in March 2022 while the second will follow three months later. These will be the largest vessels ever to be acquired by the Philippine Coast Guard.