Philippine Coast Guard's BRP Teresa Magbanua arrives in Manila

According to information published by the Philippines News Agency on February 28, 2022, one of two 97-meter multi-role response vessels (MRRVs) BRP Teresa Magbanua, the Philippine Coast Guard’s (PCG) biggest acquisitions, arrived at Port Area, Manila.
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Russian Vyborg Shipyard laid the Purga ice class coastguard ship of project 23550 925 001 Multi-Role Response Vessel BRP Teresa Magbanua (Picture source: Phapluat)

The MRRV-9701 BRP Teresa Magbanua is a Multi-Role Response Vessel (MRRV) ordered by the Philippine Coast Guard. BRP Teresa Magbanua (MRRV-9701) is the lead ship of the Teresa Magbanua-class patrol vessels of the Philippine Coast Guard.

MRRVs play an important role in severe-weather rescue missions and patrolling in offshore and coastal zones. This vessel has an overall length of approximately 96.6 meters, with a maximum speed of 24 knots and a cruising range of up to 4,000 nautical miles.

It is equipped with secure communication systems for Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) surveillance, a helideck and hangar for helicopter operations, an underwater remotely operated vehicle for subsurface search and survey, high-speed rubber boats, and other essential equipment for maritime domain awareness and maritime law enforcement operations.

The Teresa Magbanua-class patrol vessel is a class of patrol vessels being built for the Philippine Coast Guard (PCG). The class is based on the Japan Coast Guard's Kunigami-class patrol vessel.

The MRRV has a helideck and a hangar that can accommodate the H145T2 helicopter of the PCG. She also has a hyperbaric chamber for those who have diving sickness and a survivor room that can accommodate those who will be rescued.