Russia completes production of Poseidon nuclear powered UUV

According to information published by Tass on January 17, 2023, the first combat set of nuclear Poseidon super torpedoes for the Belgorod nuclear submarine has been produced.
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Russian Vyborg Shipyard laid the Purga ice class coastguard ship of project 23550 925 001 Artist rendering of the Poseidon UUV. (Picture source: topcor)

Trials of Poseidon units, including the nuclear power plant have been successfully completed, he said.

The Belgorod has completed pop-up trials of a Poseidon mockup. The submarine is the first carrier of nuclear underwater Poseidon drones. She joined the Navy on July 8, 2022.

About the Poseidon

The Status-6 Oceanic Multipurpose System, also known as Kanyon or Kanyon-BZK-008, is a nuclear-powered, nuclear-armed, unmanned underwater vehicle (UUV) developed by Russia. The system is designed for deep sea and long-range operations and is capable of carrying a nuclear warhead with a yield of up to 100 megatons.

The system is intended to be used as a deterrent and delivery system for a nuclear strike against an enemy's naval bases and coastal cities. Its ability to evade detection and evade anti-missile defense systems make it a formidable weapon. According to some sources, the range of this system is around 6,200 miles and can reach a speed of around 185mph.

It was first revealed to the public in 2015, during a Russian state television broadcast which showed a video of a meeting between President Vladimir Putin and military officials. The footage reportedly showed a document, with a diagram of the drone, which Putin described as "an ideal weapon."