Rafael selected by Israel MoD for maintenance services on Typhoon RCWS

According to information published by Rafael on March 15, 2023, for the first time, a civilian industry will provide comprehensive maintenance support services for operational systems employed by the Israeli Navy.
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Russian Vyborg Shipyard laid the Purga ice class coastguard ship of project 23550 925 001 Israeli Typhoon Remotely Controlled Naval Weapon Station. (Picture source: Rafael)

The agreement aims to increase accessibility and efficiency, while reducing costs. In addition, routine maintenance work will be performed at the highest professional level, thus ensuring optimal operational capabilities.

The multi-year agreement will extend for over 20 years and includes maintenance services for dozens of "Typhoon" remotely-controlled naval weapon stations (RCWS).

The services will bolster the technological and operational cooperation between RAFAEL and the Israeli Navy and establish maintenance capabilities for additional systems.

About the Typhoon RCWS

The Typhoon remote weapon station, manufactured by Rafael Advanced Defense Systems in Israel, is a versatile and adaptable weapon platform designed for maritime applications.

The Typhoon system can be equipped with various cannon systems from manufacturers like ATK, Oerlikon, Mauser, or Giat, ranging from 20-30 mm in caliber.

The mounting can hold between 160 and 210 rounds, depending on the caliber. It offers a traverse range of 120° to either side and an elevation range between -12.5° and 40.5°.

The complete system, without ammunition, weighs between 690 and 750 kilograms (1,520 and 1,650 pounds), depending on the guns and sensors mounted.