MSI Defence Systems to supply MK 48 Mod 2 EOS to US Navy & US Coast Guard

According to information published by the US DoD on September 29, 2023, MSI-Defence Systems has been granted a contract worth $29,263,267 for the supply of the MK 48 Mod 2 Electro-Optical Sight (EOS).
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Russian Vyborg Shipyard laid the Purga ice class coastguard ship of project 23550 925 001 MSI-DS Electro-Optical Sight System. (Picture source: MSI Defence Systems)

This contract encompasses the provision of EOS spare parts, transportation cases, as well as the evaluation and repair of EOS subassemblies. This initiative is in line with the enhancement of the MK 38 Mod 4 Machine Gun System, which will benefit the Navy, Coast Guard, and Military Sealift Command.

The project will be executed in Norwich, United Kingdom, covering 56% of the work, and Rock Hill, South Carolina, accounting for the remaining 44%. The endeavor is slated for completion by September 2026, with the Naval Surface Warfare Center overseeing the contract.

 About the product

The Electro-Optical Sight System (EOSS) is designed to handle systems with both fixed and adjustable sensor packages. It can function independently for gun system control or be integrated with a ship's Combat Management Systems (CMS). This integration allows for features such as target identification, system feedback, and command controls.

The design of the EOSS takes into account the complexities of ship superstructure placements, ensuring the equipment's durability in diverse environmental conditions, from cold water exposure to high humidity.

The EOSS can integrate with typical consoles, particularly when in-depth CMS integration is needed. The standalone variant includes a Remote Operator Console and an HD monitor, facilitating target assessment or extended surveillance.

The system provides options for day/night sensors, various mounting possibilities, and is adaptable for both new and existing ships. An auto-tracking feature is also available for continuous target monitoring.