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MHI Launched the 11th Soryu-class SSK SS-511 Oryu for the JMSDF

The 11th Soryu-class submarine, SS-511 Oryu, was launched at the Mitsubishi Heavy Industries shipyard in Kobe on October 4th. Oryu features one significant design upgrade: It is Japan's first submarine powered by lithium-ion batteries.

MHI Launched the 11th Soryu class SSK SS 511 Oryu for the JMSDF SS-511 Oryu is the 11th Soryu-class submarine built for the Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force

SS-511 Oryu is the 11th Soryu-class submarine built for the Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force (JMSDF): The 6th built by MHI, the other five ones having been built by Kawasaki Shipbuilding Corporation is the shipbuilding subsidiary of Kawasaki Heavy Industries. Oryu's keel was laid in November 2015 and the submarine is set to be delivered to the JMSDF in March 2020.

The keel for the first submarine in the class, Soryu (SS-501), was laid down in March 2005. It was launched in December 2007 and commissioned in March 2009.

The latest Soryu class SSK JS Seiryu (SS-509) was commissioned with the JMSDF on 12 March 2018.

All submarines of the class are named after dragons. Soryū means Blue Dragon, Hakuryū (2nd in the class) White Dragon, Sekiryū (8th in the class) Red Dragon. Shoryu (10th in the class) Soar Dragon.

SS-511 Oryu (おうりゅう or 凰龍 in kanji) means Dragon-Phoenix.

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Twelve Soryu-class submarines are planned for the JMSDF. The eleventh and twelfth submarines will feature improved underwater endurance thanks to lithium-ion batteries. The class is an improved version of the Oyashio-class submarine. Soryu-class submarines are the world's largest conventionally powered submarines. They have an excellent operational track record and are equipped with state-of-the art technologies, including air-independent propulsion (AIP) systems that enable them to remain fully submerged for long periods of time, and advanced stealth technologies that make them more difficult to detect.

Compared to earlier submarines in the Soryu-class, Oryu doesn't use lead-acid batteries but lithium-ion ones, designed by GS Yuasa. These high-performance batteries are said to store about double the power.

Main characteristics:
Length 84.0m
Width 9.1m
Depth 10.3m
Draft 8.4m
Displacement 2,950 Tons
Speed 20 knots

Link to Soryu Class 16SS SSK Submarine technical datasheet