Video: F21 Artémis Heavyweight Torpedo

French company Naval Group opened the doors of its underwater weapon facility in Saint-Tropez so that Navy Recognition may bring you an exclusive video report on the latest technologies in terms of torpedoes, UUVs and anti-torpedo countermeasures. The site located on the French Riviera has been developing and producing underwater weapons and systems since 1912.

F21 Artemis Heavyweight Torpedo by Naval Group An actual F21 heavyweight torpedo used by Naval Group for at-sea tests (foreground)

The F21 torpedo (Artemis) is the only new heavy torpedo development in the world. Its characteristics are significantly superior to all other heavy torpedoes currently in service. Beyond its exceptional performance levels, its on-board tactical intelligence makes this torpedo a precursor for what tomorrow’s underwater drones could be.

We learned during our tour that the torpedo has now entered mass production. It will gradually equip all French submarines, starting from 2018. The contract includes the development and delivery of about one hundred F21 torpedoes and their integration into French submarines (all six Barracuda-class SSN, some of the Rubis-class SSN, all four Le Triomphant-class SSBN and the future 3rd generation SSBNs - SNLE3G). The Brazilian Navy has also selected the F21 to equip its submarines.

F21 Artemis heavyweight torpedo

The F21 heavy torpedo was designed to neutralise enemy vessels and submarines. Capable of speeds in excess of 50 knots, with a range of over 50 Km and an autonomy of about 1 hour, the F21 is foreseen for operation not only in deep waters but above all in coastal areas with high levels of noise and dense shipping. Thanks to its a significant computing power that allows for exceptional real-time processing capacities, the F21 torpedo benefits from an advanced mission system and extended autonomy. These technical characteristics considerably widen its possibilities for tactical use with an unequaled target discrimination capacity, including in very challenging environments.