First steel was cut today for HMS Cardiff second Type 26 anti-submarine frigate

The first steel was cut for HMS Cardiff, the second ship in the Royal Navy’s next generation of Type 26 anti-submarine frigates, August 14, 2019. British defence Procurement Minister Anne-Marie Trevelyan cut the steel for the UK’s newest warship at a ceremony at BAE Systems’ shipyard in Govan on the River Clyde.

First steel was cut today for HMS Cardiff second Type 26 anti submarine frigate 925 001 Computer graphic image of new Type 26 anti-submarine frigate for the Royal British Navy. (Picture source Royal Navy)

Marking the official start of build on the second of eight City Class vessels, it also represents another significant milestone for the Type 26 program, the Royal Navy, UK Defence and shipbuilding in Scotland.All eight Type 26 frigates will be built on the Clyde, with the work sustaining some 1,700 jobs in Scotland and 4,000 jobs across the wider UK maritime supply chain for decades to come.

Each Type 26 will be equipped with a range of capabilities including the Sea-Ceptor missile defense system, a 5-inch medium caliber gun, an embarked helicopter, medium-range radar, powerful bow and towed array sonars, helicopter-launched torpedoes and a design which makes them extremely difficult for enemy submarines to detect. They will be designed for joint and multinational operations across the full spectrum of warfare, including complex combat operations, counter-piracy, humanitarian aid and disaster relief work.

Its flexible design will also allow its weapon systems to be adapted throughout its lifespan to counter future threats. The Type 26 benefits from the latest advances in digital technologies, including 3D and virtual reality, which ensures that the ship’s design is refined earlier in the process.

The first three ships, HMS Glasgow, HMS Cardiff and HMS Belfast, were ordered for £3.7bn. HMSs Edinburgh, Birmingham, Sheffield, Newcastle and London will form the second batch of Type 26 warships.

The first Type 26 warship, HMS Glasgow, will enter service in the mid-2020s. Designed for a service life of at least 25 years, the Type 26 frigates will serve in the future Royal Navy surface fleet into the 2060s.

Both Australia and Canada have now chosen the Type 26 design as the baseline for their respective warship programs.

The Type 26 manufacture Batch 1 contract was signed in June 2017 at a value of £3.7bn. This will deliver the first three ships to the Royal Navy and includes the necessary modifications to the Govan and Scotstoun shipyards. The procurement of Batch 2 will be subject to a separate approval and contract which is expected to be awarded in the early 2020s.

First steel was cut today for HMS Cardiff second Type 26 anti submarine frigate 925 002