Focus / Analysis

Several years ago, the media published plans of the Russian Navy to upgrade Antey-class SSGN of project 949A. They had to become able to fire Kalibr missiles. Open sources said each submarine would have 72 missiles. However, there are fears that the program has been suspended. Only two SSGN — the K-132 Irkutsk and the K-442 Chelyabinsk are being upgraded. The situation with submarines of other projects is even worse. No multirole third-generation nuclear submarine has undergone medium overhaul and upgrade. The Vzglyad business newspaper writes about the reasons and consequences.

The New Start is a bilateral strategic nuclear arms reduction treaty between Russia and the United States which came into force on February 5, 2011. Several years ago, the USA doubted the necessity to extend it for five years, but now foreign observers changed their minds, the Military-Industrial Courier writes.