Vympel Shipyard in collaboration with Rybinsk Shipyard is building new hovercraft «Khaska 10» project

On March 18 2020, the newspaper "Rybinsk news" reported that both shipbuilder "Vympel Shipyard" and "Rybinsk shipyard" were building a brand new hovercraft project called "Khaska 10".

Vympel Shipyard in collaboration with Rybinsk Shipyard build new hovercraft Khaska 10 project 925 001 Artist rendering of Khaska-10" hovercraft (Picture source: Rybinsk shipyard)

The design-construction department of the Rybinsk shipyard began to develop a new multi-purpose sidewall hovercraft with flexible skegs "Haska 10" for civilian use with a payload of 10 tons. In the near future, this project will make a significant contribution to the development of the transport system of hard-to-access and socially significant regions of the Russian Federation.

Materials have already been delivered to Vympel shipyard for the production of the central part of the vessel. Starting next week, work will begin at Vympel Plant.

Specifications of "Khaska-10" hovercraft:

Length - 20.8 m
Width - 12.5 m
Height - 7.4 m
Displacement - 35.7 tons
Engine power - 4 × 800 hp
Speed ​​- 40 knots.

A hovercraft, also known as an air-cushion vehicle or ACV, is an amphibious craft capable of travelling over land, water, mud, ice, and other surfaces.

They are now used throughout the world as specialised transports in disaster relief, coastguard, military and survey applications, as well as for sport or passenger service. Very large versions have been used to transport hundreds of people and vehicles across the English Channel, whilst others have military applications used to transport tanks, soldiers and large equipment in hostile environments and terrain.

The work is carried out under national programme «Development of shipbuilding and offshore engineering for 2013-2030 ".

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