Arsenal presented its range of Naval Gun Mounts at IMDS 2013

IMDS 2013 Daily News - Arsenal gun mounts at IMDS 2013
Arsenal presented its range of Naval Gun Mounts at IMDS 2013
At IMDS 2013, the International Maritime Defense Show currently held in St Petersburg, Russian companies Arsenal Machine Building Plant and Arsenal Design Bureau present their full range of naval gun mounts.
Our interview with Arsenal Naval Gun Expert, during IMDS 2013
100-mm A190 Lightweight Multipurpose Naval Gun is a single-barrel turreted automatic gun that may be installed on ships with the displacement of 500 t and more. Upon the operator's command the fire control module automatically turns the artillery system to standby or combat-ready position, ensures ammunition selection and feeding, gun laying and firing. As a result, the artillery system has minimum response time and high rate of fire.

76 mm shipboard automatic artillery gun mount AK-176M1:
- designed for arming of surface ships, including missile and patrol boats;
- provides effective defeating of aerial, sea and shore-based targets;
- supplied with the automatic command and control system, provides automatic selection of ammunition.